Generic name: WOLSKYELLA Claus, 1963. Nova Hedwigia 6: 32.
Type species: Wolskyella filamentosa Claus 1963
Komárek & Anagnostidis (1998): Solitary pseudofilaments, simple, unbranched, to 12 um wide, composed from thin or wide sheaths and (inside) from 1-4 straight, uniseriate rows of cylindrical cells; cells situated one after another, close to or distant from one another (if more rows are within sheaths, they are arranged parallel to one another). Sheaths smooth, structureless and homogeneous, colourless, or thin, firm on the marginal surface. Cells rod-shaped, long cylindrical, more or less
rounded at the ends, usually several times longer than wide.
Komárek (1992): Unicellular - pseudofilamentous; pseudofilaments solitary, not branched, containing 1-4 more or less parallel rows of elongated, cylindrical cells, enveloped by colourless. wide and not stratified, homogeneous envelope different width; cells are situated in pseudofilaments; serially one after another, not touching and slightly distant one from another. Cells cylindrical or rod-like, with solitary prominent granules (always ?) at their apexes, pale blue-green.
Genotype differences, molecular data:
Reproduction strategies, life cycles, cell division:
Komárek & Anagnostidis (1998): Cell division only transversely to the longitudinal axis, in the same plane in successive generations; reproduction by fragmentation of pseudofilaments and liberation of cells from sheaths (planocytes).
Komárek (1992): Cell division by the crosswise fission, reproduction by fragmentation of pseudofilaments or by liberation of solitary cells from the open envelopes, which are motile (planocytes).
Taxonomic position, higher hierarchy:
Cyanophyceae, Chroococcales, Synechococcaceae, Synechococcoideae
Notes to taxonomy, misinterpretations:
Ecology, ecophysiology, ecological significance:
Komárek (1992): Little known genus, the type species described from freshwater swamps in South Africa, the second one is marine, both not yet revised.
Physiology and biochemistry:
Distribution, endemism, problematic citations:
Reference strain:
Infrageneric scheme, species concept:
List of species:
Wolskyella australis G. McGregor et Kaštovský in Mareš, Kaštovský, McGregor et Komárek 2008. Nova Hedwigia 87: 225
Wolskyella filamentosa Claus 1963
Wolskyella floridana Mareš et Kaštovský in Mareš, Kaštovský, McGregor et Komárek 2008. Nova Hedwigia 87: 223
Wolskyella solitaria Ehresmann et Claus 1968
List of stains:
Komárek 1992
Application technology:
  2.1 taxonomy: Claus 1963, Ehresmann & Claus 1968, Bourrelly 1970, Bourrelly 1985, Komárek 1992, Komárek &
Anagnostidis 1998, Mareš et al. 2008
  2.2 cytomorphology:
  2.3 16S rRNA sequencing:
  2.4 biology and life cycles:
  2.5 ecology: