Generic name: PSEUDANABAENA Lauterborn, 1915. Verh. Naturhist.-Med. Vereins Heidelberg, ser. 2, 13: 437.
RACIBORSKIA Koczwara, 1928. Kosmos 53: 108.
Type species: Pseudanabaena catenata Lauterborn 1915.
Komárek (1992): Filamentous; filaments (trichomes) solitary or agglomerated in very fine, mucilaginous mats, straight or slightly waved or arcuated, simple, usually ; not very long, without any branching, 0.8-3 um wide, composed from cylinidrical cells, usually with slight constrictions at the distinct cross walls; only in young trichomes are the cross walls thin and unclear, without firm sheaths, sometimes with fine, colourless, diffluent, narrow mucilagi- nous envelopes (staining); ends of trichomes not attenuated, but the apical cell is sometimes conical; indistinct and facultative motility (trembling). Cells cylindrical, always longer than wide, without aerotopes, but sometimes with solitary granules (subg. Pseudanabaena, Skujanema) , or with gas vesicles agglomerated into aerotopes, localized in the ends of cells (in polar positions) (subg. Ilyonema), thylakoids localized parallely, peripherally; special pore patterns on the cell walls; end cell cylindrical and rounded at the end (subg. Pseudanabaena), or more or less conical up to bluntly or sharply pointed (subg. Skujanema, Ilyonema).
Genotype differences, molecular data:
Reproduction strategies, life cycles, cell division:
Komárek (1992): Cell division perpendicularly to the longer trichome axis, cells grow into the original shape and size before the next division. Trichomes disintegrate (in several species up to solitary cells or few-celled segments) without necridic cells.
Taxonomic position, higher hierarchy:
Cyanophyceae, Oscillatoriales, Pseudanabaenaceae, Pseudanabaenoideae
Notes to taxonomy, misinterpretations: 17 species in three subgenera: Pseudanabaena, Skujanema Anagnostidis et Komárek 1988, and Ilyonema Anagnostidis et Komárek 1988.
Ecology, ecophysiology, ecological significance:
Komárek (1992): Several species live planktic, tychoplanktic or benthic in oligotrophic, mesotrophic up to slightly eutrophic water reservoirs, other species grow in soil or endogloeic in colonial planktic rotifers or in mucilage of other algae. Few species are known from extreme biotopes (mineral and hot springs, salinic or hypersalinic localities).
Physiology and biochemistry:
Distribution, endemism, problematic citations:
Reference strain:
Infrageneric scheme, species concept:
List of species:
subgenus Pseudanabaena
Pseudanabaena apiculat-flexuosa Turicchia, Ventura, Komárková et Komárek 2009. Nova Hedwigia 89(1-2):173
Pseudanabaena articulata Skuja 1948
Pseudanabaena balatonica Scherffel et Kol 1938
Pseudanabaena belizensis Turicchia, Ventura, Komárková et Komárek 2009. Nova Hedwigia 89(1-2):171
Pseudanabaena catenata Lauterborn 1915
Pseudanabaena contorta Kling et Watson 2003
Pseudanabaena crassa Uherkovich 1979
Pseudanabaena curta (Hollerbach) Cronberg et Komárek 1994
Pseudanabaena dictyothalla (Skuja) Anagnostidis 2001
Pseudanabaena endophytica (Elenkin et Hollerbach) Schwabe 1964
Pseudanabaena frigida (Fritsch) Anagnostidis 2001
Pseudanabaena limnetica (Lemmermann) Komárek 1974
Pseudanabaena minima (G.S. An) Anagnostidis 2001
Pseudanabaena moniliformis Komárek et Kling 1991
Pseudanabaena mucicola (Naumann et Huber-Pestalozzi) Schwabe 1964
Pseudanabaena oblonga Kullberg 1966
Pseudanabaena persicina (Reinke) Anagnostidis 2001
Pseudanabaena recta Komárek et Cronberg 2000
Pseudanabaena rosea (Skuja) Anagnostidis 2001
Pseudanabaena starmachii Anagnostidis 2001
Pseudanabaena tenuis Koppe 1924
Pseudanabaena tremula Johansen et Casamatta 2005
Pseudanabaena voronichinii Anagnostidis 2001
Pseudanabaena westiana Anagnostidis 2001

subgenus Skujanema
Pseudanabaena acicularis (Nygaard) Anagnostidis et Komárek 1988
Pseudanabaena arcuata (Skuja) Anagnostidis et Komárek 1988
Pseudanabaena franquetii (Bourrelly) Bourrelly 1970
Pseudanabaena raphidioides (Geitler) Anagnostidis et Komárek 1988

subgenus Ilyonema
Pseudanabaena amphigranulata (Van Goor) Anagnostidis 2001
Pseudanabaena batrachospermorum (Skuja) Anagnostidis et Komárek 1988
Pseudanabaena biceps Böcher 1946
Pseudanabaena galeata Böcher 1949
Pseudanabaena lonchoides Anagnostidis 1961
Pseudanabaena papillaterminata (Kiselev) Kukk 1959
Pseudanabaena skujae Claus 1962
Pseudanabaena spelaea Anagnostidis 2001
Pseudanabaena thermalis Anagnostidis 2001
Pseudanabaena ulula (Welsh) Anagnostidis 2001

Unclear taxa:
Oscillatoria lancaeformis Kalbe 1963
Pseudanabaena chilensis Schwabe 1936

List of stains:
Komárek 1992
Application technology:
  2.1 taxonomy: Bacher 1946, Anagnostidis 1961, Guglielmi & Cohen-Bazire 1984a, Guglielmi & Cohen-Bazire 1984b, Anagnostidis & Komárek 1988, Komárek 1992
  2.2 cytomorphology:
  2.3 16S rRNA sequencing:
  2.4 biology and life cycles:
  2.5 ecology: