The on-line database of cyanobacterial genera

Jiří Komárek & Tomáš Hauer
logo JU University of South Bohemia,
Faculty of Science,
České Budějovice, Czech Republic
logoBU Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic,
Institute of Botany,
Třeboň, Czech Republic

The project of the taxonomic database of cyanobacterial genera was started in order to provide as sufficient information about cyanobacteria as possible to all people interested. Either from scientific community or from outside it, e.g. schools, environment monitoring services, public health protecting services etc.

The content of the database is based on work KOMÁREK 1992 and complemented with data from GEITLER, BOURRELLY, DESIKACHARY, DROUET, KONDRATEVA and many others. Newest works are also used.

If you will cite the database, please do it as follows:
Komárek J. & Hauer T. (2013): CyanoDB.cz - On-line database of cyanobacterial genera. - Word-wide electronic publication, Univ. of South Bohemia & Inst. of Botany AS CR, http://www.cyanodb.cz


Proposal of Guide
to the nomenclature and formal taxonomic treatment of oxyphototroph prokaryotes (Cyanoprokaryotes) presented on IAC Symposium in Luxembourg 2004 is downloadable as a PDF file.

Last update: April 10., 2014